Yogi Pramod Kumar

Yogi pramod born in rishikesh as known World yoga capital. He started yoga practice at the age of 18 yrs. He has devoted life for learning & teaching this ancient yoga & science. Yogi pramod when he was path of yoga he met his bonafide spiritual master by whom he was directed towards more depth & highly knowledge about this science of spirituality. While practicing he developed interest towards yoga therapy. After completion his course practiced with various type of the patient suffering many kind of problems. Yogi Pramod is the therapy teacher as well holding Certificate No. SDI/004/004943257 and certified by Government of India. He has a deep knowledge in philosophy owing to his specialization in Indian Philosophy. He has studied Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Upanishads, and Buddhist literature in depth which has contributed immensely to his knowledge of philosophy and history. Now, for many years, the Yog Guru has been sharing his valuable experience of philosophy with his students along with teaching his students on how to use the knowledge in day-to-day routine life.

He has been helping hundreds of students every year to explore the deeper layers of yoga and become proficient tutors. He worked in Tapovan Rishikesh (Worlds Yoga Capita), Uttrakhand for 2 Years. Then Got opportunity to spread yoga consciousness in Bali (Thailand), Vietnam, china, Canada, Singapore for therapies workshop. He believes in simplicity and disciplined life. His teaching style based on therapeutic. Teaching Pranayam session with their scientific benefits in effective manner.

Rakhi Gupta belongs from Delhi. She has been a trained Yoga teacher with 5 years teaching experiences to various Yoga teacher training courses across different states of India. In this dominated field of work she is a praiseworthy woman proving her presence with effective self-practice and teaching. Academically Rakhi is a Bachelor in Commerce from Delhi University & M.B.A. (Finance) as well Worked as Accounts Executive In Various Company in Delhi. While working in corporate field you got health issues so u started yoga practice after yoga practice she improved mental and physical health then changed profession & became yoga teacher. Wants spread this ancient yoga science all over the world. It was in these years that she felt drawn towards Yoga. She quit her job and studied Post Graduation diploma in Yogic Science from University of Patanjali Haridwar, & Masters in Yoga (Uttrakhand Sanskrit University). As well accomplished his yoga teacher RYT 200 Hrs from Yoga alliance.

After the completion of her Yoga study she moved towards teaching Yoga which was a stepping stone into her successful Yoga career. She taught Yoga at several places to people. Her classes were loved by people from all age group. She spent considerable long time in Delhi & Guru gram receiving lots of success and experience for her future endeavor. For the last 2 years Rakhi has been in Rishikesh teaching at various Yoga Schools to students coming for Yoga Teacher Training from all parts of the world. In Yoga teaching her interests are Hatha, Vinyasa and Anatomy. Her classes are easy, clear, effective and informative that bring to her deeper admiration from the students she teaches. Though full time busy with Yoga teaching. Still receiving knowledge that she continues to pass on to her students in abundance.

Yogi Rakhi

Yogi Vinod Yadav

Yogi Vinod Yadav is the founder acharya and CEO of the Rishikesh Yoga Ganga, It is Registered yoga school from Yoga alliance, USA. He is blessed by holy mother Ganga as he born in rishikesh and raised with yoga and spirituality environment. Yogi Vinod is practicing since his childhood near holy river Ganga. He is strict disciple of his guru’s instruction.He is known as famous, motivating, and devoted yoga teacher. Yogi Vinod motivation is to inspire his students to take responsibility for their own spiritual journey and make conscious steps for their overall health and wellbeing. He completed PGDYS from Kaivalyadhama, Masters in yoga from Uttrakhand Open University as well as accomplished his yoga teacher RYT 500 Hrs from Yoga alliance. He is expert in TTC in ashtanga vinyasa & Hath Yoga.
His teaching methodology contain depth knowledge of asan/posture i.e adjustment, alignment, and breathing techniques. Conducting workshop, yoga shows, 10 Years and working in across the world.

Mission: – Yogi Vinod wants to spread the yoga Consciousness in India or across the world and deliver his yogic scientific, ancient Vedic knowledge , Healing techniques. Motive of yoga – Help the every human being take the great benefits of this ancient science of yoga and awake the sleeping soul towards yoga and spiritual consciousness.

Digya Pratap Singh is E-RYT 500 hours
Certified Yoga Teacher as well 100 HRS In karma yog. Digya Pratap started his yoga journey in 2013 from Kaivlyadhama International Yoga college, Lonavala ,Maharastra, (India), and has been devoted to the Yoga since 2013. Master yogic science from Uttrakhand Open University. Digya Pratap started teaching yoga in Delhi, in 2014. Then Digya went to china in 2015, Started teaching there and share yoga knowledge and experience in china. Digya pratap is teaching Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Hatha yoga. Digya pratap believes that with dedication and disciplined yoga practice one can open doors to self-realization.

He has rich experience in teaching TTC courses and trained several batches of 200-hour Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga teachers. Yogi Digya gives workshop for chair yoga, back bends, iyengar yoga, Open Ashtanga, posture correction and adjustment, back bending, handstand and other different themed workshops in multiple cities in India, china & Indonesia etc.

Yogi Digya Pratap Singh

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Our centre is true traditional Indian centre for yoga therapy and spiritual practice. Rishikesh Yog Ganga established their journey in healing mind and body in the year 2010 as a non-profit yoga studio.

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